Comune di Sassello

Orange Flag

Orange Flag

The Touring Club reconfirms the orange flag to the Municipality of Sassello.

The prestigious environmental tourism quality brand aimed at small towns in the hinterland that stand out for their excellent offer and quality hospitality, was awarded during a ceremony held on Monday 22 January 2018 at Palazzo Ducale. Genova.

To withdraw the coveted recognition, the Mayor of the City of Sassello, Daniele Buschiazzo

In the presence of 150 mayors, 227 flags were conferred that will periodically be subjected to an evaluation aimed at renewal or cancellation of the attribution. The selection that, as specified by the Touring Club, led to the awarding of the recognition only to 8% of the nominations presented by the Municipalities of the Italian hinterland with less than 15,000 inhabitants was rigorous.

An important confirmation for the Municipality of Sassello, pioneer of the Orange Flags of the Italian Touring Club and the first Italian municipality to obtain this special recognition, which lends itself to celebrate the 20 years of the foundation of the brand that took place in Sassello in 1998. The Orange Flag is the environmental tourism quality mark of the Italian Touring Club aimed at small towns in the hinterland that stand out for an “offer of excellence and a quality hospitality”. The achievement of the mark is based on various criteria, including: the enhancement of cultural heritage, the protection of the environment, the culture of hospitality, access and use of resources, the quality of accommodation, catering and typical products. The trademark is temporary and subject to the maintenance of the requirements over time; the verification takes place every three years with a timing set by the Toring at the national level, valid for all the Municipalities regardless of the year of recognition. The Orange Flag is one of the tools with which Touring guarantees tourists quality and hospitality and localities an instrument of valorisation. The Territorial Orange Flags Program, consistent with the principles on which the TCi is based, promotes the knowledge of little known places but of great value and stimulates the traveler to visit these places while savoring them, but at the same time taking care of them because they are precious.